How do you feel about wheatgrass and GrassOntheGo?

Can you please share with us on how the wheatgrass has influenced your life and any comments about GrassOntheGo's wheatgrass,cute-little-girl-with-grass-shot2.jpg

  “I’ve lived in this area for 11 years and never visited the farmers market before, but now I go every week for my wheatgrass fix,” said Victoria Markowitz, of Sugar Land. “I work full time and have teenagers, so I should be tired, but I’m not now.”

 “ I like it so much, I keep getting my friends on it. ” Jimette Smith

" I have been purchasing your product since last November. We buy it at your office in the Galleria area. Both my husband and I enjoy the wheat grassand use it frequently."  Thank you, Nancy Santamaria

 " It is so cool that you're able to achieve the preservation of enzymes through your process."  Greg Campbell

"On a personal note, I am a very satisfied customer of “GrassOntheGo” Love the concept!"  ML Young,Program Director-Business & Community,School of Continuing Education

"I got it!  Thanks so much!  The grass was great."  Erin McCurley

"I usually have two to three in the morning to start the day great.  The sweet after taste is what make the wheatgrass so good."   Melody Fraser