Where can i get wheatgrass?  Delivery available Nationwide and Pickup in Houston, Texas (ONLY)

Do i still take my Multi Vitamin if i take wheatgrass?  Out of 100 minerals in the earth's surface, grass can absorb over 90.  Our, wheatgrass is liquid, ice, then liquid again.  Our juice contains live enzymes along with live nutrients.  Liquid allows for the absorption of minerals by the body, similar to hydration, whereas a man made multivitamin must be digested then absorbed through the stomach lining.  Compare a naturally grown product versus man made vitamins that are not natural, not recognized, and largly expelled from the body.

Is Frozen as good as Fresh?  Our frozen Wheatgrass is a combination of the juice from the blades and the roots.  Once juiced we then flash freeze to where once the juice is thawed, it is as if was juiced 10 to 15 minutes prior.  A quick freezing locks in the nutrients and live energy where as a slow freeze like a pond freezing involves a cellular destruction of enzymes and nutrients.  Similar to flash frozen vegetables.

How many GrassShots to take?  People can notice a difference from a single shot a day.  I personally take 3, two in the morning and one at night or more on hard days.  Our product is something you can notice a difference from after consistent usage many people adjust dosages upon how good they want to feel.  There are many soldiers in the wheatgrass that fight to heal the body, I like to think of every extra shot as reinforcements to heal even further.  This being said if an illness is trying to combated against, more soldiers are needed. Think of each shot as a salad and isn't it good to have more than one salad a day.

What does it taste like?  Our juice has a grassy taste at first followed by a sweet aftertaste.  There are no additives added to our juice, to enhance flavor.  The reason for the sweet taste is due to the addition of the roots aquired through our Hydro-Soil method of growing, along with the strict growing regimine of growing with Ocean Grown Solutions (an Ocean water derivative), Azomite (rock clay mineral), along with various types of liquid seaweed is given to the wheatgrass.  All while growing indoors pest free, pesticide free in the most optimum temperate conditions to inhibit mold and contaminants.The taste of the juice can be best described as:

    Our most common response is "It's not that bad."
    Grassy taste at first followed by sweet aftertaste.
    Has a mild aroma similar to a freshly cut grass. 

If you have read that wheatgrass juice tastes terrible, and can make you sick i have found that mold is the issue for this.  Some explain occasional nausea is the detoxifying effects you are experiencing from the wheatgrass interacting with contaminants throughout your body.  No one has ever felt this from my wheatgrass so my conclusion is the bad feeling is from bad grass.  If wheatgrass is so good for you it will never make you feel bad.  So if you feel bad, you got bad grass.

How do you take the GrassShot?  You can allow the frozen shot to thaw for 15 minutes then drink, or thaw in fridge overnight (shelf life is two weeks once thawed and kept cold)  You can add to water, any natural juice, or smoothie.  I enjoy the frozen shots straight in the mouth.  The game, too swallow before brain freeze. The best time is on an empty stomach this allows the juice to be absorbed fully by the body usually within 10 to 15 minutes.  

Are wheatgrass powders or tablets just as good?  A plant needs water to live, once water is extracted the plant is dead.  We say the powders and tablets do contain some nutrients, but the availability of live nutrients and live enzymes does not exist.

Is there anything added to the GrassShot, that makes it taste sweet? Our Wheatgrass Juice is 100% Pure Wheatgrass Juice, there are no sweetners or anything added. The sweetness comes from the addition of the roots, along with the clean process and conditions the grass grows in.

Is the wheatgrass Gluten Free?  I can say we are not certified yet, but gluten is contained in the seed of wheatgrass.  We juice the blades and roots, avoiding the seeds.

When will i recieve my wheatgrass?  We now offer nationwide shipping for $35 this includes everything to assure the product is frozen upon arrival.  Everything includes the insulated packaging, ice packs with dry ice shipped hand counted and packaged from Fed Ex facility located in Houston, Texas on Mondays and/or Tuesdays.  Once shipped you will receive a tracking number, to follow your grass across the country.

We love our grass and take the best care we can.  To insure the wheatgrass will not thaw in transit by being housed in a FedEx facility through the weekend we find shipping early in the week prevents this.  Most orders will arrive Wednesday, or Thursday.