Hello Everybody,

I want to send out a big huge THANKYOU!! So big, and so huge I can't say or show enough how big.  Let the praise be given to our Holy Father, family, friends, clients and kind people who encouraged and assisted me with any aspect of GrassOntheGo.  The GrassOntheGo Dream has finally come to fruition.  Years in the making and now complete.  I admit the struggle is real. The difficulties and delays are too many to reference, I may compile and put in book or blog one day.  The end result is what matters, no matter the hardships, and we have resulted with a wonderful Brand Spankin' New Headquarters. 

We now have the means to Germinate, Grow, Harvest, Package and Flash Freeze all under the same roof.  The flow of the New Headquarters has helped with faster and more efficient production of our great product.  Our process is not an easy feat, we take pride in every seed that we Hand plant, Hand water, and Hand cut.  This Hands on contact allows for a continuous close inspection of the wheatgrass throughout all the life stages, from seed to harvest to final packaged product.  Our ability to create a controlled environment in every room assist in the deterrence of the common mold and pest issues most commonly associated with growing wheatgrass.  I was able to personally design this facility, with the main intention of Wheatgrass production and Juicing in mind. 

A little history about my struggle.  I have been in a growing battle since the creation of my Wheatgrass product.  I developed a HydroSoil growing method that creates a deep enriched natural chlorophyl product that taste good, with no additives.  My problem has always been, I cant grow enough wheatgrass.  The demand gets too great for my supply.  This is not a product that is from overseas or commercially made.  Until now, we did not have the space or hands available to grow the amount needed to fulfill the demand.  So I am here to shout to the World or at least Texas and surrounding states, we are open for Business and can accommodate your grass need now and for plans into the future. 

       We are Ready to grow as much grass as needed.  We have a great product that works, now please "Help Me!!" spread the word and benefits of wheatgrass, if added to one's diet.