3-Step Process:  

Step 1: We grow the wheatgrass

Step 2: We cut and juice and flash freeze the wheatgrass in individual packets.

Step 3:  You drink the juice.  Simply thaw in a glass of water, juice or take frozen.

Step 1: Growing the wheatgrass:

We start with certified organic hard winter wheat seeds. We then soak, sprout, and plant the seed, in an almost lab like environment. We grow indoors, not outdoors which is susceptible to pests, airborne(bird poop) and water contaminants. Soil or Hydroponics which is better.  This is why we use a combination of hydroponics and soil based growing. Soil is a natural substrate, vital for proper root propagation, and consistent nutrient uptake. Our process creates a thick root mass which permeates the soil and then can be fed hydroponically.  Yes we juice the roots, too. Why, you ask?  Because the roots add more nutrients and minerals to the wheatgrass juice.  We feed the wheatgrass with a combination of natural fertilizers which include an Azomite clay mineral added to soil, Ocean Minerals, liquid seaweed and humic acids to assist in the microbial growth in the dirt.  Our grow room uses specialized led grow lights to resemble natural light.  We find indoors vs. outdoor or greenhouse.  Indoors specifically we can control temperature and humidity levels to prevent mold issues and to be able to provide a consistent, clean product year round. 

Step 2 We Cut and Juice and Flash Freeze the wheatgrass in individual packets.

We cut our grass on the eighth to ninth day, which is considered the most optimum time due to the level of nutrients. We follow the patented method from Dr. Charles Shnabel.  The root mass is also stripped and combined with the grass blades. 

The Big One Juicer is a single auger centrifigal juicer which juices at low rpm, which is the best way to juice wheatgrass.  Our Form, Fill, and Seal packaging machine, forms a .75 oz package, then fills and seals each wheatGrassShot individually.  The wheatgrass shot is then placed in a blast freezer to become Flash Frozen.  Once thawed(which takes just a minute) the wheatgrass shot reconstitutes as if it was just juiced within 10 to 20 minutes ago.

Step 3 You drink the juice.  Simply thaw in a glass of water, juice or take frozen.

When you place your order everything is included to assure the product is frozen upon arrival.  What is everything, you ask?  Everything includes the insulated packaging(which is recycled thanks to the Recycle Styrofoam Texas program), ice packs with dry ice, and most important the flash frozen wheatgrass shots shipped from Fed Ex facility located in Houston, Texas on Mondays and/or Tuesdays (excluding holidays). Once shipped you will receive a tracking number, to follow your grass across the country.  We currently ship ground FedEx to offer an affordable rate so please allow the necessary days of travel to reach you if you are distant from Houston, Texas.  

Once you receive your wheatgrass shots immediately put in the freezer to insure the shelf life of nine months to one year.  Be careful of the dry ice which may still be in the package. 

Now your grass is ready to grab and drink either in a glass a water it can thaw within a minute, or juice, or taking it frozen is my favorite, with a water chaser or no chaser.  Oh, Yeah!!  I like to take a frozen shot and immediately chew up.  It's a race can you beat the brain freeze.  I can, but took practice.